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Transportation in Egypt

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  • By Air

Egypt is well-connected to many countries by well-served international airlines which have frequent and direct flights over the world. Egypt Air, British Airways, Air France, and KLM along with low-cost carrier easyJet are among regular airlines. Egypt has many international airports are located at Alexandria, Luxor, Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa Alam, and Aswan. It’s the best choice for you when traveling to Egypt.


  • By Train

The rail International lines are not available in Egypt. The only two railheads at Wadi Halfa and Aswan to Sudan are connected by a boat over Lake Nasser.


  • By Road

Egypt, bordered by Libya in the west, Sudan in the south and Israel and Gaza strip in the west.

Egypt now is not easily accessible by road especially after the events that have happened after the revolution in 2011. The border can block entry of cars and vehicles.

Taba border: For foreigners, they can easily move to and from Israel.


  • By Sea

Europe: There are sea cruises that dock at many various ports in Egypt for 2 or 3 days coming from Europe. No ferryboat routes connecting Egypt with Europe are currently available.


Cyprus & Greece: Ferries available from Limassol in Cyprus and Rhodes in Greece to Alexandria, only during the summer.


Jordan: Ferries available from Aqaba in Jordan to Nuweiba in Egypt.


Turkey and Lebanon: Ferries available from Antalya in Turkey, Beirut in Lebanon to Alexandria.


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