Tesco Partnership Agreement Usdaw

At Tesco, we are proud to work with Usdaw. Our partnership has helped us create a better Tesco for our colleagues, customers and communities, and it has played a central role in enabling the company to adapt, innovate and grow. Each introductory session includes a 30-minute slot on the benefits of the Partnership Agreement and EU membership. The Head of Human Resources is expected to open the meeting and speak positively about the benefits of the partnership between Tesco and Usdaw and how the Union`s activities contribute to supporting Tesco colleagues. A representative from Usdaw covers the rest of the meeting. This may involve talking about the benefits of Joining Usdaw, reading the Usdaw sections and the Induction DVD Partnership Agreement, distributing packages of information about Usdaw, answering questions, and distributing membership forms. Colleagues who opt for Usdaw will have time to complete and return the usdaw membership forms. Tesco and Usdaw have been in partnership since 1998. Our partnership agreement supports our shared values and Tesco`s vision and strategy and forms the basis of our cooperation. But the experience of an agreement between the Usdaw store workers` union and Tesco, the UK`s largest supermarket chain, suggests that this view is too pessimistic. Partnership agreements may be the only way for the shopfloor to get management`s ear, but they can bring benefits to workers and unions. The principles that support the partnership between Tesco and Usdaw are based on the shared values of both organisations and are explained below.

As part of the introduction process for all Usdaw representatives, health and safety representatives and trade unionists, the territory organizer and the personnel manager agree on the participation of representatives in Part 1 of the training courses. Stores will also display promotional materials when opening new stores in the area. In most cases, a colleague and manager will be able to resolve problems informally together by listening, discussing the situation, and exploring all possible solutions to reach an agreement. It is important that this path is followed before any formal process (if any), because in most cases it will quickly solve the problems. The employment package is reviewed annually and amended in agreement with Usdaw. Therefore, the 12 national Forum Reps, who sit on the paid review team, will be members of the Usdaw….

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