Sublet Agreement Template Massachusetts

To sublet, you must be a tenant with a rental.21 This is one of the advantages of a lease. If your lease does not mention or prohibit sublease, you are free,22 Most leases require a landlord to give written consent before you can sublet. If this is the case, contact the owner and try to get your written consent before subletting. Often the landlord does not realize what the rental agreement says and, in many cases, it does not matter who is in the apartment as long as the rent arrives on time. If this is the case, you can decide to sublet the apartment and have a subtenant to pay you the rent while continuing to pay directly to the landlord. If the owner is not aware of this agreement until you return, she can let him go. Since the original tenant is still responsible for the subtenant if the property is sublet, Massachusetts law does not allow the landlord to move in more than one month`s rent. If the original tenant did not apply for a deposit or was less than one month`s rent, the landlord can apply the deposit to the subtenant. In such an agreement, it is absolutely essential that the original lease be consulted diligently. Massachusetts states that sublease is entirely legal as long as it is not expressly prohibited in the contents of the original fixed-term lease. Then, after confirming that subletting is allowed in the unit, the tenant who is in the rental agreement should contact the owner or management company responsible for the property.

This will confirm the attitude of these parties, and there will also be the tenant`s intention to publicize Unterlease. If an owner refuses to give you written permission to sublet your apartment, there are two ways you could try to solve this problem. However, remember that if you decide to sublet without the owner`s permission, you may see the owner try to evict you for breach of your lease. One of these agreements can be beneficial in several respects for a potential subcontractor. For example, if the original tenant lives off campus in a university town such as Amherst, Northampton or Cambridge, he or she may want to go home during the secondary semester. If this is the case, he must either pay the rent for the time they subscribe to, or take care of a sub-lake. Sublessee Lake will be in the off-campus unit for the time the original tenant is gone, and will be responsible for paying the unit`s rent and services. Rehabilitating the sublease contract is a rental agreement that allows the original tenant to temporarily rent his apartment to another tenant, a subtenant tenant, before returning at the end of the subletting.

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