Stokis Agreement

Two is unachievable. If the reseller/agent/dropship discovers that one of the items in the set has been damaged, the reseller/agent/dropship must return the set instead of just supplying the damaged items. c. The total value of the exchanged goods must not exceed the value of the exchanged goods or the customer must pay the excess. d. Items damaged by the reseller/agent/dropship cannot be returned to the headquarters and this is the responsibility of the reseller/agent/dropship. e. Old and old products are not accepted by the head office and it is the responsibility of the dealer / agent / dropships to complete the stock. f. Merchants/agents/dropships are not allowed to exchange goods for other items, but the exchange of defective goods remains permitted during delivery from headquarters and when the reseller/agent/dropship arrives, provided that the exchange takes place for the same item. 4. Payment & order of goods a.

Each reseller/agent/dropship is prompted to place an order through the Bizzapp app in accordance with the specified user ID. b. All orders for goods are processed only after receipt of payment from the company and only via Bizzapp. c. Payment can be made online via the Bizzapp app. 5. Marketing and market price control a. The head office has a marketing and price control department, which controls the selling price marketed by dealers/agents/dropships. b. When headquarters receives a complaint report about changes in the market price of the product, the auditor is sent without notice to verify the situation. 2 3 c.

If this is the case, the central reserves the right to take decisive action by withdrawing the Stockist/Agent/Dropship status on the basis of a report from the marketing and price control division of the company. 6. Appointment of agent/dropship a. Each Stockist/Agent/Dropship must obtain prior authorization from the headquarters prior to the appointment of its respective agents/dropships. b. The plant monitors and identifies the area before approving the application to avoid duplication in an area. c. Stockist/Agent/Dropship does not have the right to order its own reseller/agent/dropship without the prior authorization of the registered office.

d. Make sure that the reseller/agent/dropship to be named participates in the course and submit the reseller`s purchase receipt to headquarters if the purchase is made under the Stockist/Agent/Dropship. 7. Commission a. Every trader is entitled to 45% of the price of the goods. Agents are entitled to a commission of 30% of the market price and Dropship is entitled to a commission of 15% of the market price. If the reseller / agent / dropship gives a commission different from the agreed one, the headquarters reserves the right to take measures to forfeit the stockists / agents / dropship. b. Distributors Required for the purchase of a minimum selling price of RM4000 Retail Selling Price (storage price of RM2200) in an order or cumulative sales in one month of RM6000 Retail Price (Merchant Price RM3300) Minimum Purchase Agent Conditions Retail Price of RM500 (agent price rm350) Conditions for registration drop as a Sushiptrina agent without minimum purchase 8.

Discipline and Misconduct 3 Manage traders, agents, dropships and all kinds of rank names, Let you boast yourself! 1 DISTRIBUTOR/AGENT/DROPSHIP AGREEMENT LETTER SUTRINA 1. General terms and conditions a. Please read and understand carefully the content of this reseller/agent/dropship agreement. b. When filling out the application form, be sure to provide all the necessary information in a clear and correct manner. If the information provided is incorrect, the management reserves the right to refuse your application as a merchant /agent/dropship without justification….

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