Spectrum Ca Agreement Credit Adjustment

My bill has been high for only months to find that they owe me money or a loan that was last November and still nothing I have cancelled our spectrum of charter cables for the same reason. Michigan and Florida. They quote a price, and then when the bill arrives, it`s the extra dollar. In a few months, it`s $20 more. When you call, they say it`s other fees. I asked what is the total cost of a month, they say you don`t just need a contract so they can increase when they want. At one point, they increased my bill by about 1.50. My husband told me what the big one was. I said it was just us. Multiply that from every they do and that`s a lot of money they cheat by people a month. Anyone here who has problems should keep records about it, and Spectrum already has 2 or 3 class actions in New York and California, for billions!! For overworked customers!! Whoever is in charge or owns this business is obviously extremely greedy, and we all know what happens to people like that, you`ve overloaded me for years, and I`m just grateful that someone is finally doing something about it. Even with Turbotax it`s not FREE!! I helped my sister count her frequencies. You pay about $40 a month, then the price changed from $40 to $55, then from $65, and with me for two years it was above $74 a month.

The same problem we have Spectrum TV , WiFi Bundle and also mobile spectrum I had spectrum from 2014-2016. I constantly increased my bill, without explanation, after two years, I finally terminated my subscription. I was promised a fixed price for my cable and internet service with Spectrum here in central Florida, which was good until 04.06.2021. Two months later, I received a new higher rate bill. I only paid the agreed amount, but I can`t have assessed my hard-earned credit. Don`t call for help. He just sent a letter that was not aware of this class action. Contact me and I can help print the online chat between me and a cable representative. The service is the worst of all time! YOU NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE! Some customers, who have both issued outdated modems and paid for higher internet speeds, will be entitled to get about $180 in credits, according to the prosecutor`s office. It`s time to count us 3 in! All the time from 2012 to 2016; 2017 to 2018; more lock in only some channels they/carriers such as Turner Broadcasting that you want to watch for ratings, they control internal monitoring of what you observe, only offers the descendants of African Americans some bundles of cables they cut in when you see certain channels, to frustrate you, to make you change the channels, then they have blocks of internal channels that you get stuck to pay off your bundle packages of more than $100, $150, they gave us an offer of more than $170 2018, so we move on to the other SCAMmerAT-T Direct TV, they let the TV bounce or TV One pay for you to pay higher packages. It went forever my son had Charter/Spectrum TV between 2006 and 2010, then my spouse 2012 to 2016, then me from 2017 to 2018; Even in one of the local payment centers never applied my payment, which was put in the deposit slot, they reduced my service, cost me connection fees, late fees, hidden fees – deferrals against my credit score fall.

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