Sober Optimism And The Formation Of International Environmental Agreements

“[This book] provides a rounded summary to all those interested in international environmental policy. From the beginning, the writers clearly show that their primary audience is students. However, this book will be aimed at academics, researchers and policymakers wishing to broaden their horizons and learn more about environmental regimes that are often treated, although wrongly, as peripheral… -Stavros Aflonis (2012). “This is an excellent comparison of key international environmental regimes, capturing many lessons learned from the study of international environmental policy over the past 40 years. It is an excellent resource for teaching and for researchers. Buy. Read. “- Professor Peter Haas, UMASS Amherst, USA. ” The book is extremely well organized and all the case studies. are interesting and well written. [It] provides a rounded summary to all those interested in international environmental policy.

It is very elegant to make the text accessible to students. ” – International environmental agreements: politics, law and economics. By examining fundamental policies and environmental protection issues, this text provides an easy-to-understand introduction to international environmental agreements and discusses problems in three areas: air, water and land. It traces the history of agreements on long-range air pollution, ozone depletion and greenhouse gases, ocean management, biodiversity, agricultural plant diversity and forest management. This book draws on experts in their respective fields and provides an informative assessment of successes and failures as well as an analysis of the reasons for this situation. Finally, along with an instructive study of research aimed at showing how to improve the performance of agreements in the future, this volume is an essential contribution to our understanding of policy related to building international environmental consensus. International environmental agreements will be of interest to scientists, students and researchers in global environmental policy, international relations and political science. . . . .

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