Salah El-Din Citadel in Cairo and Mohamed Ali Mosque

A visit to the Citadel of Salah El Din, which overlooks Cairo one of towering tops of Al-Muqattam Hills, evokes the memory of its great founder. The Citadel was built by Salah El Din in 1183 AD on the Medieval castles style. It comprises a number of important monuments including the Mosque of Soliman Pasha. the Alabaster Mosque, the-meter deep Bir Yusuf (Joseph’s Well), the Military Museum and Al-Jawhara Palace.


The Alabaster Mosque (Mosque of Mohamed Ali)


A splendid towering mosque on the north summit of Salah Al-Din Citadel, where it can be seen from every part of Cairo. It is distinguished by its dome, which is 52m high, and its two minarets on the east side of the mosque, which rise 84m. It was so named ” The Alabaster Mosque” because of the use of alabaster for coating its interior and exterior walls. A visitor can easily locate the mosque due to its unique poition and is one of its prominent landmarks. Its establishment began in 1830 AD after the Ottoman style, and divided into two sections: the east section contains prayers court. It is square in shape with a high dome (21 meters in diameter and 52 meters high). Its walls are coated with Alabster and it has glid-decorated crowns. The west section has a central court(sahn).


The Citadel Outdoor Theatre:


Audiences may enjoy performances of folklore, dance, music, dramatic plays and festivals that are held outdoors in gorgeous surroundings, It is an open-air museum for Islamic antiquities thoughout ages. Islamic history of Egypt from Ayoubi period till present is narrated.

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