Karnak Temple


At about three kilometers from the Temple of Luxor stands the vast monumental area of Karnak, which the Greeks Called Hermonthis: The archeological site includes three divided area separated by a rough brick boundary. The Largest is the central area covering  thirty hectares, which Diodorus of Sicily handed down to us as the most ancient one enclosing the dominion of  Amon; to the south, still unexplored for about half its extension (almost nine hectares) and connected to previous one by a drome of cryosphinxes, is the dominion of the goddess Mut, wife of Amon and symbolically portrayed in the form of a vulture; lastly, to the north, the dominion of Montu, God of War, stretches across about two and a half hectares.


In time, the dimensions of each complex changed and the Pharaohs who succeeded to the throne left their mark by extending the temple or adding halls and chapels. The structure of the three holy complexes remains the same: in the center of each enclosure stands the main temple dedicated to the god and along side lies the sacred lake for ceremonies usually in a quadrangular shape. Of the three complexes, the one dedicated to Amon is astounding on account of its dimensions.


It is the largest temple with columns in the world and according to distinguished historians, it could contain Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in its entirety; Leonard Cottrell affirmed that it was such a vast monument that ” it could cover almost half of the Manhattan area”! Not only, but on account of its architectural complexity, it could serve as a base to study the stylistic evolution from the XVIII Dynasty to the end of the Ramses.



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