Employer-Employee Agreement In Accordance With Article 21 Para. 2

If the application is rejected, your member has a compulsory affiliation with the French social security system, with contributions and social security fees to be paid in France. The institution of the place of residence communicates to the relevant institution, at its request, all necessary information concerning these rates or amounts. 3. Where a person has mistakenly transmitted information, documents or claims to an institution located in the territory of a Member State other than the one in which the institution designated under the regulation of application is based, the information, documents or claims are immediately handed over by the former institution to the institution designated under the regulation of application. , the date they were originally submitted. This date is binding on the latter institution. However, the institutions of the Member States are not responsible or are not considered to be decided because of the late transmission of information, documents or claims by the institutions of other Member States. At the request of the relevant institution, the institution of the Member State in which the unemployed person has visited communicates useful information on the monitoring of the unemployed person`s situation on a monthly basis, particularly if the unemployed person is still registered with the employment services and if he complies with organised control procedures. If your employee is not eligible for seconded worker status, it may be possible to reach a specific agreement. In both cases, social security contributions and fees will continue to be due in the state where you are based, which exempts you from paying them also in France. 2.

By derogation from paragraph 1, the institution of a Member State may, when granting or verifying disability, old age and survivor benefits under the provisions of Title III, Chapters 4 and 5, of the Basic Regulation, require the State responsible for the payment of the corresponding benefits to the person concerned that the overpayment is from arrears. which must be paid to the person concerned. After the latter institution informed the institution that paid an undue amount of these arrears, the institution that is supposed to terminate the improper payment discloses, within two months, the amount improperly paid. If the institution, which is a late payment fund, receives this notification within the allotted time, it transfers the amount deducted to the institution that has paid improperly. When the deadline expires, the institution immediately pays the arrears to the person concerned. 1. In the event of an appeal against a decision to deny the benefits of the institution of a Member State under the legislation which the person has carried out the activity in which the person has carried out the activity in question, that institution informs the institution to which the notification or notification has been transmitted, in accordance with the procedure provided for in Article 36, paragraph 2, of the regulation of application. and then informs them when a final decision is made.

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