Old and Coptic Cairo

  • The Hanging Church


It was bulit in the 5th century in the basilica style, over the remains of the southern gate of the Roman fortress of “Babylon” that is why it was called “the Hanging”. It has rich beautiful antiquities from the early Christian era such as a woodcarving representing Jesus Christ entering Jeursalem. It houses also about ninety rare icons of basilican style.


  • The Coptic Museum


Situated in Old Cairo, it houses a rare collection of the first Chritian relics, architecural remains, textiles, icons, and old mauscripts. Its exihibts reveal the splendor of old Coptic art with its colours and ornamentation, which are, considered a transitory style between Pharaonic and Islamic arts. This museum was founded in 1910 and offers the most extensive collection of Coptic artifacts in the world.


  • The Church of St. George in Cairo


Built on the ruins of one of the towers of Babylon fortress, adopting a basilican style with a round dome has a unique hall that dates back to the 13th century AD.


  • The Church of St Barbara


It is one of the most beautiful Coptic churches, which dates from the early 5th century AD and still retains its wooden door. It lies next to Abu Serga Church and it is dedicated to Saint Barbara who was killed by her heathen father when she embraced Christianity. Relics of both Saint Barbara and Saint Catherine are supposed to rest there.


  • Ben Ezra Synagogue

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