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Who We Are?

About Us

Wonderful Egypt Tours


Who We Are?


We are a reliable local travel agency in Egypt that aim to provide our customers with service in Egypt that exceeds all their anticipations.


There are a lot of travel agencies in Egypt which offer the same products that we are offering, but we’re minds and makers with business sense and creative ideas for enjoying your holiday in Egypt. Travel experience and quality of service are our top priority. We’d love you to experience our country the way it really is, with people who live in Egypt and know it inside out. We know this makes the difference between a great holiday and a truly unforgettable one.


The core of our mission is that our customers enjoy an exciting experience exploring the country in a different way during the day with a comfortable night at a well-selected hotel of accommodation to return to at night with quality facilities such as a restaurant, a bar, WiFi and sometimes a pool, all in a central location.



Our Team


We are carefully hiring the top professionals in the tourism industry who are really passionate about sharing the best travel experience with our customers. We pride ourselves on having the most passionate people in the industry. Our team like a family than colleagues. This work environment makes us happy to work and help us to do our job with the passion for making our customers very happy too.



Our Future Ambition


Looking to the future, Wonderful Egypt Tours sees itself the first travel agency in Egypt. We eager to prove that we can quickly build a strong presence for our company in the markets by providing the best travel service in Egypt.


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    Wonderful Egypt Tours

    •   El Lebeny Axis, Al Haraneyah, Giza Egypt

    •    Mobile: +02 0109 904 9501

    •    Mail: [email protected]


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